Saturday, April 16, 2011

Slightly illuminated.

I'm slightly illuminated, and in effect, my surroundings have become painfully apparent to me. Past, present, and future... but especially past. I have become temporarily fixated on this concept of the past when i should be looking toward the future. However, this very action asks a very important question. Why do I make the mistakes that I do and am I in some way destined to make them? Furthermore, if destiny and fate exist within this universe in the way that we define them, then is there as much free will as I believe?

Let me explain myself. This may sound weird, but if time is a self-engulfing circle--one event replaying itself on end for what we would consider "eternity", then are the choices that we have chosen already made? Are we damned before we begin--or are our choices more complex in their nature than those that make them? To be honest though, I think that it's a lot simpler than that. Maybe if the complexities of time had anything to do with decision making.... well then the complexities of time would have something to do with decision making, but really I think that I should be thankful for my free will and make choices. Like I am intended to.

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