Friday, September 4, 2009

Introspect: Connection

I've come to a realization. I've come to realize that life is just a series of connections.

Life is a lot of things. It's disappointing, it's uplifting, it's bad, it's good; it's full of triumphs, failures, endings and beginnings. The list continues, and doesn't really end. We go through so many disappointments in our short lives, and in those disappointments we curse and we thrash and we fight, but it doesn't really change anything. It's like fighting the current when you're out to sea. It may seem strange but it's the truth that feeling pain in life isn't as bad as feeling nothing at all; because these very things that we hate-- the negative points in our lives, the times when we think we just want to not feel anything at all, these are the things that make it clear that the fact is that these are the very things that bring us together. Through the struggles in life we find empathy. Through empathy we find the strength to help those who are having trouble helping themselves. Those who were once in the same place that we were. It's a necessary cycle at this point, falling so that we can bring those up with us who have fallen when we rise.

If you look at your life from where you are now. If you look at all of the choices that you've made, you'll see a pattern. You'll see that certain choices that you've made have not only affected you but also those around you. The reason for this is because every action that we make is connected to everything as a whole in some way. No mater how small or large. I said earlier that life is a lot of things, I said it because we are all connected, and because of this, the choices that we make ultimately intertwine all of our lives together. Making them complex. Our lives are complex because we are complex at our cores, but simple in our decisions.

Just a slightly introspective thought I guess. Have you ever experienced a moment where everything made sense? That's kind of how I felt..

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