Friday, September 4, 2009

Ridiculous controversies are ridiculous. The Obama Education "Controversy"

The creation of controversy when there need not be any is a sign that the object of that controversy is appearently doing something right. I'm talking about the "controversy" of Barack Obama coming to schools to give children advice as to how to further their education and sharing with them why such things are important.

I'm not actually angry about this, but rather amused. It's funny that President Bush can read to a class full of grade school students, but somehow President Barack Obama , speaking ABOUT education on a PODEUM is more invasive than that? I see a double stadard, and smell a hint of hypocrisy. First they say that President Obama is too weak and "niave" to assume the presidency, then they say that he is a "communist", "socialist" mastermind bent on influencing our children with his "evil agenda"? Really? If you're going to lie about someone, then at least be consistent...

I think that it is an extremely good thing for the children of America to meet Obama, regardless of the political stances of their parents or themselves, because in the long run, they will make the political decisions that they choose when they come of age. Seeing Obama speak to them personally will not only allow the possibility for the youths of America to become interested in the political occuences in this country, but to also be well versed in political processes; this will also lead to encouragement to pursue higher education. This is not a part of some political agenda, it's an invesment to keep America from degrading into an idiocracy. Although there are some of us for which it is too late, the rest of us realize that the President's act of taking a proactive, progressive, and effective stance on education will ultimately be one of the things that help us progress as a nation.

I know that I don't know the whole situation, not many people do, but this is basically how I feel about it. What are your stances on the issue? It's always good to hear a second opinion.

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